Who is Lee Dalby?

An urban basket maker since 1986, my work has led me in different directions.

Consistently, all making has been directed by engagement with renewable materials - beginning by making a wide-ranging selection of domestic utility wares with willow.

Lessons learnt enabled me in 1991 to pioneer earth-scaping by making willow walls back-filled with earth or aggregate to make seating, podiums or raised beds for food and plant growing.

Bamboo has played a major role since 2000 by enabling me to up-scale previously learnt techniques by specialising in ‘split willow’ frame basketry, for which I have grown willow at the Woodlands Farm in SE18, London, since 1988; this helped render site specific experimental architecture and functional sculptural forms within the public landscape, gallery, or private domestic spaces by using bamboo and willow alike.

I have run workshops since 1989 and taught extensively across the UK, including for the Basket Makers and Architects associations and Crafts Council. Similarly opportunities have taken me to USA, France, Denmark, Sweden and Japan. 

Most basketry commissions and related wares are welcomed, along with opportunities that lean towards enhancing the ‘out or inside’ space for the public or domestic realm. 

Apart from battling the carrier bag from early beginnings, my hope is to bring zones aimed at comfort and contemplation into the busy world of today- I am always open to discuss ideas from interested people.

A chronological list of commissions, exhibitions, publications and awards starts here.